Welcome to my Print Shop!

For the past ten years I have been cultivating a body of work by interpreting and re-presenting what I see before me in the world...people, places, colors, textures and moments. As many artists can surely attest, one day you look around and realize you've created an extensive archive, and most of it stays stored away! So, I started this small print shop so I can start sharing my life's work with you, to fill your home with pieces that bring you joy and inspiration. These images will rotate and categories might change, but if you ever stumble across an image I've created (on my IG, blog or website) that calls to you, just shoot me a note!

All prints are archival pigment prints on 100% Cotton Canson Platine Fibre Rag. This paper quality is similar to original darkroom paper.  A truly beautiful print. The paper size is 11x14". This standard paper size will allow you to find readily available and affordable mattes and frames. Each print will be signed and dated on the reverse side. Finished with Hahnemühle Protective Spray for UV protection. Turnaround is approximately 3 weeks, including shipping time.

Price Reflects:
Printing Costs (Paper & Ink)
Shipping & Handling Costs (Packing Materials & Domestic Shipping)
Artist Fee


Built Environment

Earth Mother


Young Blood

Collage & Mixed Media

This section is "pay what you can". The price listed is suggested, but if this does not work for you please reach out to me directly to discuss your budget. If you are able to pay full price, or more, it is greatly appreciated, as you will be "paying forward" to a client that may not be able to afford the full price. 

Risograph Collaboration with Derek Popple

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