In My Yesterday

-work in progress-

His voice rose from below, "Please, don’t fall."

-Journal #5, September 2012, Vassar College

My work in progress is a full length photography book ruminating on my coming-of-age through the years I attended Vassar College. In My Yesterday encourages deep reflection on the intimate moments of our pasts, when certain people and places have affected and inspired our truest and present selves. 

ripped stockings
kneel on stogs in the grass 
her bleeding shins
melt into disintegrating skies
his burned chest
smells of onion rings and honey mustard
the five-thirty sunrise
leans its cheek into cool valley air
twinkle light words
lead to gashed palms 
and we are all stripped down 
and dancing
pavement diving and crawling 
out of locked bathroom stalls
release us
let us out
i hope you know what you're in for

.-In My Yesterday, May 29, 2013

The photographs selected for In My Yesterday are from my personal archive (2009-2014), and are all analogue, 35mm. These photographs are accompanied by archival texts (drawn from my journals and photography blog), oral histories from fellow Vassar alumni, as well as contemporary essays reflecting on themes of belonging, identity, memory and home.

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