Cebe Loomis is a practicing visual artist and social documentarian, currently based in Chicago, Illinois. Specializing in the photographic essay, Loomis' research interests include practices of place-making, cultural geography, collective memory formation and visual anthropology. 

In addition to her personal practice, Loomis is a Co-Founder of Candid Fare, a platform that offers unique experiences surrounding people’s food memories and histories. Candid Fare hosts monthly salon dinners, as well as spearheads an ongoing, social documentary project where people are asked to, “Tell us a food story”. Through interview-based storytelling and comforting recipe creation, Candid Fare fosters an environment that appreciates the cultural diversity of food, as well as the unique stories of people involved in the food systems.​ 

Loomis has been making photographs for the past fourteen years and through the use of analogue photography, creates colorful, intimate and methodical bodies of work exploring themes of belonging, history, and home.

Loomis earned her Bachelors of the Arts degree in Anthropology from Vassar College, and her Masters of the Fine Arts degree in Social Documentation at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Teaching (Visual Arts) from Chicago State University.

If you are interested in a retrospective look into my photographs, you can find more of my work on my blog, a photographic journal cataloguing my years of visual exploration.


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