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Perched on the highest eastern slope of Nevada’s Virginia Range sits Virginia City, a town of 855 inhabitants with a history that predates the discovery of the town’s Comstock Lode of 1859. As the nation’s second-largest national historic landmark, it remains historically preserved, offering an “authentic” 1860s experience that mythologizes its histories for the tourists who visit. Through the use of analogue photography, sound montages, and ethnographic text, Tailings relays the voices and narratives of its people and environments, presenting a polyvocal interpretation of one of the most influential towns of the American West. Tailings makes it clear that histories and identities are multiple, communicating an understanding of identity, place, and history as participatory, dynamic, and shared.

8.5" x 11" Book

Full Color

183 pages

Second printing in Chicago, Illinois, 2024.


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