exploring our shared humanity through food & art

Our vision will always be the same,
to make the world a more tasty and creative place

Candid Fare explores the relationship between food and art to build community and reveal our shared humanity. Through interview-based storytelling, comforting meals and recipes, and analogue photography, we are fostering an environment that appreciates the cultural diversity of food, as well as the unique stories of people involved in the food systems.​

“It's so cute to think of little Kyla being so enamored. It was the combination of the soy sauce, the crispy dumpling, and the pork filling. A lightbulb turned on in my little-kid head.”

-Kyla Peal

“I am a suburban eight year old…I see a simple house and grounds with good cheer and an elderly Aunt’s appreciation for our visit.” 

-Philip Gilbert

Candid Fare is a platform that offers unique experiences surrounding people’s food memories and histories. We host monthly salon dinners, as well as spearhead an ongoing, social documentary project where we ask people to, “Tell us a food story”. 

“Music is so tied into my memories of the shade trees and lemonade and kids running around and falling asleep in hide and seek spots. Oh, and the food was omnipresent. It was incredible. Those memories are tremendously rich.” 

-Timi Reedy

“When I recall a food memory, I picture grandma moving about the kitchen.” 

-Chi Nguyen

Words and memories shared from Candid Fare interviews with Timi Reedy, Mamadou Savane, and Patricia Bunk [above video]

The birth of Candid Fare began as an experiment in the art of slowing down; an act of looking inward to re-evaluate the invigorating moments that make us feel rooted and connected while expressing gratitude for our experiences. Through food and art, we seek to facilitate healthy conversations, expand awareness among fellow strangers, and foster new relationships so we all feel more comfortable learning from, and with, the communities and world around us.

“I walk into my mom’s kitchen and find homemade noodles on the counter. I smell chicken soup, a wonderful smell. I am with my siblings and my mom, and everyone is talking. My mom made all our food from scratch. It’s all about the quality of the food…how it tastes. I continue making the same foods for my family today.” 

-Patricia Bunk

“We really respect food because food is a part of us, it is human. It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to have something in your belly in order to function. Therefore, wasting food is not something that would be accepted in my culture. We respect food because it is part of us.” 

-Mamadou Savane

Candid Fare's mighty two-person team features Delaney Workman, food-justice, human rights professional turned chef, and Cebe Loomis, a practicing visual artist and social documentarian specializing in analogue photographic stories. We are two friends, women and creators, passionate about learning from and with people.

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